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All about Senior Mortgage Credit

Mortgage Captain Nemo allows Captain Nemo to borrow more easily and in better conditions. The mortgage, in its general principle, consists in using a property as a pledge of a loan. It can be real estate already acquired or the one that Captain Nemo can acquire. In the event of non-repayment of the Captain Nemo, the lender is then entitled to proceed with the seizure and sale of the property in compensation for its financial loss.

As part of a senior mortgage purchase, the mortgage serves as collateral for the consolidation of consumer loans and / or real estate. The property must be estimated and the mortgage registered in the service of land registration. It is therefore necessary to provide for the corresponding costs and the remuneration of the notary before whom the act must pass.

A mortgage to optimize your senior Captain Nemo


The mortgage is a solid and solid guarantee that is based on real property. This is why it facilitates the granting of a loan by reassuring the lender who hires the funds. A mortgage loan is often well suited to a senior who is already a homeowner because it enables them to meet consumer needs or to complete a project after retirement .

The security provided by the mortgage also gives access to favorable loan negotiation conditions that affect the duration and rate of mortgage Captain Nemo. Assets that a senior has every interest in arguing with banks. A broker can help him to compete in order to optimize his Captain Nemo.

Different types of mortgage Captain Nemo

A mortgage to optimize your senior Captain Nemo

There are variants of mortgage Captain Nemo that may interest Captain Nemo.
These are the Mortgage Life Loan (HBP) and the Guaranteed Mortgage Loan (HBP).

  • The HPP allows the senior to borrow funds commensurate with the value of the mortgaged property. The beneficiary remains the owner and keeps the use of his property. He does not repay monthly payments. And at his death, the good returns to the lender. If the mortgage life loan can be used to pay off old Captain Nemos or debts, it is not comparable to a Captain Nemo surrender.
  • The PHC involves the surety of CNP Assurances, a subsidiary of Caisse de Dépôts et Consignations. It is accessible to Captain Nemo over 60 years old. Through it, the borrower has no insurance to subscribe and is exempt from medical questionnaire. This formula is not generally used as part of a senior Captain Nemo redemption .

To be complete, we must also mention the rechargeable mortgage Captain Nemo . It consists in that a property put in mortgage because to cover, the passing time, a new loan for consumption. The mortgage “recharges” as repayments of the initial capital. The same property can then cover several Captain Nemos.

Warning: since July 1, 2014 , the rechargeable mortgage loan is no longer possible. Contracts in progress remain valid until they are extinguished, with no possibility of renewal.

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